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Battery Management System (BMS) 

Battery management system in the MOPO mobile application

  • Check  number of batteries available to swap on your App and where they are on the map

  • Temperature sensor – Real Time

  • Mobile voltage balance Overload protection – Always On

  • Deep discharge discharge protection – Always On

Best Technology:  Our commitment is to ‘Best-in-class’ Tier 1 equipment.  We are consistently pushing the limit on available energy technologies and developing our own proprietary solutions for you.

Quickest Delivery:  We are committed to squeezing time out of every step in the delivery process, so you will see savings more quickly than you would with any of our competitors.

Environment Focus: With our ethics in hand, we strive to change the world by providing products that can alter the course of the future. With or energy partner MOPO –  we believe in power that is sustainable – and easily available for everyone.

Lowest Cost: With flexible finance options incentives, we strive to giving our customers the lowest possible options, while maintaining the highest quality of products.

Most Personalized Experience: The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. therefore our customer always come first.  With lifetime customer support, we will always be there when you need us.

Service 24/365 at any location: Everyone deserves access to more affordable energy.  With a localized business model that allows us to have a global reach to service anyone,  and deliver on our promise of ease, accessibility and convenience.

Designed to be the most versatile and innovative battery packs on the market, our ultra-capacity and lightweight rechargeable lithium batteries for power supply with the MOPO 48V-20AH – includes a 110-220V AC outlet, with 2 quick charge USB ports and a large storage 48V-20AH capacity battery that can easily keep you on the road with style.


Saving the World

Commited to reducing fossil fuel consumption one home, motorcycle, or business at a time.

With roots in solar power, MOPO can provide power anytime anywhere.

Saving Time

MOPO batteries are built to keep you moving, that is why our infrastructure makes you able to never stop moving. With over twenty power stations in HCMC alone, MOPO can provide power at any location of your journey.

Saving Fuel | Saving Cost

MOPO prides themselves on releasing an energy product that saves people money. MOPO batteries can reduce your transportation costs by 40%, Learn more about why and how MOPO can save your wallet and the planet.


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